Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun in the Snow

For the past couple months the people in the Gila Valley have been praying and fasting for snow and rain. Well Heavenly Father answers prayers. It did snow and its still raining. I love the rain in Arizona. Nothing smells better then after the rain in Arizona. Its so refreshing. When we were in Texas it didn't ever feel refreshing after it rained. Instead it was really stuffy. Well when it snowed we took a day to go up to the mountains with the kids. It was so much fun. Next time we go we'll make sure we have warmer clothes for Paige but it was fun while it lasted.

Isn't it pretty

The girls!

The cute little girls! (Katie, Kylee, and Paige)

Renee and I stayed with the little girls and went down "little hills' here is Renee getting ready to slide down with Katie

Paige and I...Paige not sure sure about this.

Yeah Paige didn't like it to much! (I think she was cold) :)

The boys decided to make snow angels and bury themselves after tubing down some hills. (Jacob, Reed, and Carson)

Kylee after she made it to the bottom.

Paige and Katie liked drinking their hot chocolate much better in the car once they got to cold.

Renee, Garet and Jared enjoying some hot chocolate. It was so yummy!

Jared like the hot chocolate too.

Jacob, Carson and Reed

Garet and I

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fishing Trip

I was so excited to see Robyn's post. I miss all the updates so, that was great!! Thanks Robyn. I can't wait to see some new pictures of Matthew.----- Johnny has been wanting me to post these fishing pictures for a while. I didn't realize what a pretty area this is. I hope everyone is doing well. My family is "hanging in there." Hunter is taking a Hunter safety course, which he says is named after him. Brycen is keeping busy with homework, scouts, more homework, and a job that our neighbor gave him, oh, and more homework-- at least that's what it seems like. Ashlee is still feeling under the weather so we're anxiously waiting for her to feel better. I told her when she feels like eating again I will take her where ever she wants to go eat. I can't wait. Anyone want to join us? We'll celebrate. Brennan asks "Why" all day long about everything. So, I have to be really careful the way I word things. Anyways, I miss and love you all.

Happenings in the Willis Family

Well, I get on this site ever so often to see if anyone has posted anything new about what is happening in their family --but there isn't!! I decided I would write what has been happening up in the cold country. We are all freezing up here!! Well--0nly when we go outside. This has been a very cold winter for us. There hasn't been a lot of snow this year but it has been freezing. In fact the kids favorite thing to get for Christmas this year was a bed warmer!! When they opened it they all just kind of said "What!" But they were hooked the first night they used them. Our favorite Christmas present was to talk to Matthew. He is now in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland. He is 3 1/3 hours ahead of us. We were able to talk with him for a little over an hour. His mission president said they could talk more than an hour. We were so glad because we had a lot to say to each other. He is doing so well and realized now that time is going so fast. He hit his 16 month mark on Jan. 17. Our 2nd favorite Christmas gift was the picture he sent to us. He hasn't sent us a picture for 16 months almost. He looks the same and I am posting a couple on this page. We are so proud of him. We love to read his letters that he sends each week. He also sent a tie for each of his boy cousins. We are waiting for a time when we will all get together so that we can give them to each of them. He was specific about which tie went to who. He is still trying to decide what to send or get for all of his girl cousins. I hope that you will all plan on being at the airport some week in September to welcome him home. I knowI I am looking way far ahead!! Jaden and Tyler are busy with BB. They are both doing well. Jaden turned 14 and is now a Teacher. I know Dad is watching the games but I miss the conversations about the game--not that he was able to go to very many but it was always fun to talk about the games he was at. He always had some very good insight. Makenzie has started her Basketball league also so it seems like there is a game to watch or go to everyday. School is going great for all of the children--they love going to school. I hope that everyone is doing great. I do miss reading about your children.

Friday, October 30, 2009

little dancer

We have been doing alot of videos lately. Thought we would share a few!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oct. 18, 2009

Hello family--I finally figured out how to do this. Hopefully I will be able to contribute more now. I enjoyed reading about Laura's family and Garet's family. I hope that you enjoy the pictures. I hope that the rest of the family will contribute now. I added my pictures first because Marshall had to show me how with his camera. Hopefully the more that I do this the better I will get. Just to tell a little about what our family has been doing. Jaden finished his football season about 3 weeks ago. The team was a 6th, 7th, & 8th grade combined. He got to play about 1/2 of each game. He did good when he got in. He was not afraid to tackle or be tackled. I just prayed every game that he wouldn't get hurt--that's a Mom for you!! We had Parent/Teacher conferences and got straight A's. All the teachers love having him in their class because he always has a big smile and a cheerful attitude. When ever I ask him how his day as gone he replys "Great". He is now on to wrestling. They don't start BB until after Christmas. They do it different up here in the north! Tyler finished out his JV football season with a perfect record. He did really well. The first game he made this long pass for a touchdown and for a second I wanted to pull out my phone to call Dad--then realized he probably already knew. He had a really good year--throwing at least 2 touchdown passes a game and at least running in 2. I did miss Dad though because he always came to at least 1 game and it was fun to talk about those games with Dad. Tyler also plays on Varsity. He is the back-up QB and when one of the starters gets hurt or needs a rest he will play. He has played in every varsity game and has even made a couple of touchdowns. Tyler did good on his report card. Could have done better if he would ever do his homework! Makenzie is taking piano and keeping us all on our toes. She loves to be in charge of home evening. She gives really good lessons. They boys love for her to take their turn. She is doing really good in school and always trys her best. Marshall and I are busy with work and keeping up with the kids. Our Elder is doing really well. We are so proud of him and what he has been able to accomplish. He is going to be transfered this week and so we are all anxious to see where he will be going next. He loves studying about the gospel. We love that he shares his testimony with us in his letters. The greatest blessing of having a missionary is the testimony and strength he brings to our family. We are excited to start our countdown. His motto for the rest of his mission is "no regrets". He is working hard to be the best missionary he can be. I am so grateful for my testimony of this church and I am so grateful for family. The memories and experiences that you have with your family is what you take into the eternities. Love to all--Robyn

Football pictures & family pictures